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Air Freight 


Air Export

MST-Ride BV holds superb contacts with numerous carriers. We have specially strong ties to airlines operating out of MST and LGG airports, but we can easily generate competitive solutions out of any major hub in the EU.


Our mission at MST-Ride B.V. is to offer our clients top-quality logistics solutions that fulfill their specific requirements.


Our extended global network gives us the ability to provide our clients with reliable and seamless logistics solutions, from door to door, port to port, and port to door or door to port deliveries, tailored to their individual needs.

Air Import

MST-Ride BV is a wholesaler of airfreight capacity on the China/HKG to EU lanes.

MST-Ride BV has a strong, reliable network of suppliers in China and Hong Kong.

As a major capacity wholesaler from China we are able to support you with competitive rates and unmatched top-quality service level.

Rates ex China to Europe are highly volatile. Since we have yearly capacity Blocked Space Agreements with several carriers we will be able to maintain for you a stable yearly rate you can rely on for your on-going regular traffics, also during peak season.

Alternatively if you have an ad-hoc project we will generate for you a tailor-made solution at the best achievable rate at that specific timing.

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