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Located in the very heart of Europe, MST-Ride B.V. is a neutral wholesaler and provider of tailor-made door to door logistics solutions for all types of cargo.

MST-Ride B.V. was founded in 2018 in Maastricht-Aachen Airport (MST), which attracted many freighter operators in the past years and became one of the major cargo hubs in the continent.

Consignees in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium can receive their shipments faster via MST than any other airport in Europe. The short distance between airplane and truck combined with streamlined handling procedures makes MST the ideal port for your most urgent cargo to and from Europe. 

Every day MST airport handles wide-body freighters, such as the 747F, 777F, A330F and A310F, transporting fresh foods and flowers, urgent medical equipment and the latest high-tech consumer products to and from Africa, South America, China, Turkey and the Middle East.

Located strategically in the tri-border region of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, MST Ride B.V. can generate the most efficient solution to and from Europe’s most robust industrial and populated centers. MST Ride B.V. has all the needed knowhow and contacts to properly handle urgent shipments, Dangerous goods, high security VAL cargo, fresh foods and flowers, livestock and outsized cargo. 

MST-Ride B.V. developed a close relationship with very carefully chosen professional agents and suppliers around the globe that share its worldview and enable it to serve its customers worldwide, according to its core values. 

MST-Ride B.V. was founded Tal Zipper, Alon Neuberger and a group of financial investors. Alon and Tal successfully cooperated in the past as CAL Cargo Airlines Commercial VP and CAL European Station Manager respectively. Both are experienced in all key pillars of the air-freight industry: Airlines, GSA, forwarding. Alon is also co-founder and CEO of Sparta Cargo LTD, sister company of MST-Ride B.V. in TLV. Tal, before assuming the role of MST-Ride CEO, has managed AD Aviation Services, a leading cargo GSA in Israel.

The company can generate most competitive solutions on all carriers operating freighters in MST and nearby LGG airports, namely TK, 7L, 3U, 5C, LY, RU, 3V, RJ, SV, ET, EK, QR.

Our key targeted trade lanes include: 
Asia Pacific – Europe
Europe – Middle East
Europe – North America

In April 2020 MST-Ride B.V. expanded to Germany, the biggest airfreight market in Europe.
Our office is located in DUS and provides quality solutions to dozens of German freight forwarders, spread all over the country.

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